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Group Retreats to the Lake House

For your next destination meeting, conference, or a corporate retreat, we invite you to rent out our whole house or block off a portion of rooms at the Lake House, the perfect setting for productive meetings, team building, reunions, and conferences you actually want to go to.

For groups visiting the Lake House, you have two different options. Number one: you can rent out the entire Lake House to ensure that you have the property exclusively to yourselves – that means all 44 of our rooms. That also means exclusive access to the Lake House Bar, our indoor pool, and the Great Room for your entire group. It's surprisingly affordable and every bit worth it. Or, number two: you can reserve a block of rooms if having other people and guests around won't be too much of an issue.

Dedicated Hosts to Plan Your Meeting or Event

Ideal for smaller groups, hosting your next group event at the Lake House also comes with a dedicated host who will help you plan every detail and schedule every team building activity for your retreat. That includes getting you the most bang for your buck with special group deals, ensuring your guests' rooms are the vision of perfection, and assisting with any last-minute details. And with plenty of things to do in Lake Placid, they'll also be happy to arrange for everything from outdoor excursions to enjoying one of our hotel amenities.

Get in touch with us if you're interested in receiving more information. If your group getaway happens to be for an Adirondack wedding, we do those, too.

Host your Next Event at Lake House

Want to Host Your Family Reunion, Corporate Retreat, or Meeting at the Coolest Hotel in Lake Placid?

Map of High Peaks Resort

A complete map of the Resort, Waterfront Collection, Lake House, pools, and our on-site restaurants.

Lake Placid for Meetings and Groups

Hosting a conference, meeting, or other group event in Lake Placid? High Peaks has everything you could need to make it a smashing success – from meeting spaces to your own Olympics. Yep, you too can win a gold medal (with much less recognition that is).

Sunset through a set of wide bay windows.