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Lake Placid, NY: Adirondogs Welcome

From Great Dane to teacup Pomeranian, Lake Placid is a village of dog lovers - whether we have a furry member of our own family or not! Check out some of our favorite places for well-behaved pups and their proud parents.

Not only are High Peaks Resort and Lake House pet-friendly hotels, but Lake Placid is too! Enjoy an awesome getaway to the Adirondacks with your pup and experience some of the best things to do in Lake Placid with a dog listed below!

Watercraft on Mirror Lake

View of Mirror Lake from shore
Watercraft on Mirror Lake
If you want a great day out with your puppy pal, look no further than Mirror Lake! When you stay at Lake House you have access to the full array of High Peaks Resort resort amenities including outdoor gear rentals like rowboats, paddleboats, and stand up paddleboards!

John Brown's Farm State Historic Site

Pond Behind John Brown's Farmstead
John Brown's Farm State Historic Site

Getting in a nice walk is great, but getting in a nice walk both close to town and worlds away with unique historical significance? That is what lands John Brown's Farm as our top pick for places to bring your puppy off our property. An easy five-minute drive from High Peaks Resort might as well take you through Prof. Digory Kirke's wardrobe and into Narnia - the homestead and resting place of John Brown is both beautiful and reflective. While dogs are respectfully requested to remain outside the home and gravesite, the self-guided displays telling the story of John Brown's life and the hiking/nature/cross-country ski trail make this a uniquely-special dog-friendly spot year-round.

Whiteface Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway


The Veterans Memorial Highway at Whiteface Mountain is all about picturesque.  Start out at the bottom with the 10-minute Lake Stevens Tree Trail and then head to the top! While dogs are asked to refrain from using the lift, they are very welcome to scale the Stairway Ridge Trail with their owners - if I can do it in ballet flats and a skirt your faithful friend probably can as well (albeit probably not in ballet flats and a skirt)!


view from Bloomingdale Bog Trail
Bloomingdale Bog Trail
Whether you're looking for something simple or for something difficult, the Adirondacks boast over 2,000 dog-friendly hiking trails. Some of our favorites? The Bloomingdale Bog Trail and the Paul Smith's VIC are the first that come to mind! Looking for a pleasant hike to a swimming hole? How do three ponds on one trail sound? Owen, Copperas, and Winch Ponds are just what you are looking for!

Emma's Lake Placid Creamery

Emma's Lake Placid Creamery on Main Street storefront
Emma's Lake Placid Creamery on Main Street

Maybe it's just me, but in the summer I am genetically programmed to want ice cream. You, too? When you get back into town or when you come off the water make a stop by Emma's Lake Placid Creamery for a cold and creamy treat and get a doggie dish for your very best pal. Who doesn't win in that scenario?

Large breakfast plate with eggs, bacon and toast
Bed & Breakfast

Enjoy the breakfast of your choice at the world-famous Dancing Bears Restaurant for each person each day!

Sunset through a set of wide bay windows
Sunset through a set of wide bay windows