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Fall Memories That You'll Cherish for a Lifetime

It's a season of apple picking and pumpkin patches, mountains and trees swathed in a palette of gorgeous color, and activities you can only do and foods you can only taste for a few weeks a year but that leaves you with memories that will last a lifetime. Move over New England, Autumn in the Adirondacks is right around the corner.

Published: 08/28/2018

Excuse me while I date myself for a moment...

Do you remember that Staples commercial from 20 years ago from back when people actually physically went to Staples for school supplies? A dad is prancing up and down the brightly lit aisles, his dance partner is a large metal cart, into which he is dumping staplers, and packages of pens, and binders, and packages of three-hole paper, and notebooks, and scientific calculators, while "It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year" is piped in through the loudspeakers.

I don't know what it is about September - maybe it's the comfy, cozy weather, maybe it's because I'll always associate it with a new school year, maybe its because I love stationery and supplies (no, really, my office is famous around here for being the prettiest office you ever did see) but every time I think of Fall, Andy Williams begins to serenade the season in my mind and I believe, I really do believe, that the end of August and through October is the most wonderful time of the year.

It's a season of gorgeous colors - golden, crimson, plum, and orange. It's a season of harvest at local farms across the Adirondack Mountains with apple cider and apple cider donuts. It's a season for slowing down and enjoying simple pleasures, for quality time with family and making memories that will last a lifetime. And the Adirondack Mountains are the picture-perfect backdrop for those memories.

Where to See Fall Foliage

There are 6-million acres to explore in the Adirondacks and when the leaves start to turn it'll be a kaleidoscope of color. Even right now, the Adirondack summer temperatures (how do mid-60s and 70s sound to you?) offer the perfect opportunity for fall foliage outdoor exploration - which you can do by hopping in a kayak or on a stand-up paddleboard right from our Waterfront Collection. But if you want to take it a step further for a one-of-a-kind Adirondack experience, there are plenty of unforgettable sights to see.

High Falls Gorge

The ½ mile waterfall walk is a must visit any time of year, but decked out in Autumn color High Falls Gorge it is absolutely spectacular. With 22 acres of nature trails, you can spend under an hour walking the falls or several hours exploring the falls and forest trails.
Approximately 15 minutes from High Peaks Resort

Ausable Chasm

It's like something out of Lord of the Rings or Game of Thrones. At Ausable Chasm you can raft through the towering walls, walk the Inner Sanctum or Rainbow Falls trails or criss-cross over the Ausable River via cable bridges and cargo nets on the incredible Adventure Trail, you've never experienced fall foliage like this before.
Approximately 1 hour from High Peaks Resort

Adirondack Scenic Photography Tours

Find your inner Ansel Adams on a guided photo tour through Ausable Chasm or the Champlain Valley region with photography instructor and certified NYS guide, Tom Semeraro and learn the ins and outs of lighting, shutter speed, and photo composition or if you're advanced get access to some of the most photogenic locations in the Adirondacks.

Wild Center "Wild Walk"

Inspired by the New York City High Line, the Wild Center's "Wild Walk" lets you see the Adirondack forest from a completely different perspective - the animals that live in its trees. Accessible to children of all ages, with engaging exhibits and magnificent vistas, this is one walk on the wild side you don't want to miss. Tickets are available for purchase at the Front Desk.
Approximately 40 minutes from High Peaks Resort

Fishing Trip with an Adirondack Guide

It's pretty hard to choose a bad time to fish the local Adirondack rivers, lakes, and ponds but late summer and early autumn boast some of the best fishing you can find. Having gone spin fishing from a canoe and baitcast fishing from a pontoon boat with Stillwaters Guide Service I can say the best way to fish the Adirondacks is with an Adirondack Guide, a tradition that goes back to the earliest days of Adirondack mountain adventure.

Fall Things to Do

Going back as far as you can go back into human history, regardless of when the regional harvest season is, human beings have given thanks for a successful harvest with a celebration of food, contests, games, and merriment. Even today, when few of us have a direct part to play in the harvest, the time of year strikes at an unconscious bundle of harvest kindling where we dive head-first into the most contented time of year. So in a way, you can say that your love of all things pumpkin spice is a part of the human condition, and taking the time to celebrate the harvest simply cannot be helped.

Autumn Hayride at Country Dreams Farm

Is there anything more festively fall than an autumn hayride? Maybe a holding a cup of warm mulled cider in one hand and an apple cider donut in the other hand while taking an autumn hayride on an Adirondack Farm. Country Dreams Farm, of the famed Adirondack Sleigh Rides, is a family-owned farm that provides everyone but especially children an introduction farm animals and where food comes from.
Approximately 1 hour 15 minutes from High Peaks Resort

Go Pumpkin or Apple Picking at Rulfs Orchard

An Adirondack institution! If I'm driving by, I cannot resist stopping in for a honey crisp apple and I know I'm not the only one. When Bob Rulfs purchased a dairy farm in 1952 it came with 12 acres of apple orchard. Mr. Rulfs began selling apples out of a wagon and people have been pulling over ever since. These days the farm has grown into an Adirondack institution. In addition to diversified crops that stock the shelves of local grocery stores, Rulfs Orchard and has u-pick blueberries, apples, pumpkins, and strawberries seasonally.  So, while other kids might be bringing an apple for their new teachers, yours can bring an apple for their teacher that they picked themselves.
Approximately 1 hour from High Peaks Resort and only 20 minutes from Country Dreams Farm

Tucker Farms Great Adirondack Corn Maze

Reven in good, old-fashioned fun with the whole family or relive your childhood at the Great Adirondack Corn Maze at Tucker Farms is hours of fiendish fun and fanciful frustration for the whole family. The corn maze is incompatible with cell phones so it's the perfect place to reconnect with your loved ones this fall.
Approximately 30 minutes from High Peaks Resort

Bring the Harvest Home with You

There is nothing that tastes better than local produce and the Adirondack Mountains are home to lots of farms, small and large, and all of them specialize in one or a few select items. If you want to sample the best the Adirondack Mountains have to offer, check out an Adirondack farmers market during your visit.

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