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Dash Through the Snow with Adirondack Sleigh Rides

Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, a family or a group of friends if you're looking to create memories that will last a lifetime remember to add Adirondack Sleigh Rides the next time you visit the Adirondacks.

Published: 01/09/2018

Not long ago I found myself in a bit of a predicament; what do I get my fiance for Christmas. He and I are two peas in a pod when it comes to gift giving. If we want something we go get it, and if we don't get it, well, there's a good chance one of us is going to have to sell a kidney to afford it. So gift giving has become a bit of an art form for me. One year it was a rice cooker like his Grandma S's, "it's a fact, rice cookers with cherry blossoms on the side make better rice", another year it was the complete television series of his favorite manga, for his birthday he asked for a cupcake - I had to one up that as well with the new Cuphead video game and a Japanese cheesecake, handmade by me. This year, I was coming up dry. So I asked him what his favorite cake is.

Without missing a beat he answered, "Pink Champagne cake". He didn't need to think about it.

"Pink champagne cake?" I asked, stunned that the same man who's mouth waters over curried and pickled dishes and who lives on mentholated cough drops, would have such a delicate preference.

"Pink champagne cake."

"How is that your favorite cake?" In the five years we've been together and in the entire time we've been planning our wedding, my fiance has never stated anything so matter of factly as pink champagne cake. What followed brought me to tears; big, ugly, sobbing tears.

I won't go into everything he said, I couldn't state it as eloquently, but there is one part stands out. In his explanation, he mentioned a Japanese movie called After Life in which the souls of the recently departed sit down with a counselor to discuss the moments of the lives they've just left with the goal of creating their own personal heavens - a moment of pure joy from their life that they will live in for eternity. I've replayed what he said a few times since then and somewhere along the fourth of the fifth rerun, a lightbulb went off over my head. I knew exactly what he was talking about.

I have been trying to write about Adirondack Sleigh Rides for a year now. Trying is the word here, I've been trying. And I have. I sit down and start to type but nothing sounds right, nothing feels right.

I can tell you about the place:

Exploring the grounds of John Brown's Farm, one cannot help but be struck by the mood of the place. Like the snow blankets it in soft and downy white, so too are its visitors blanketed in a feeling of silent tranquility and stoic responsibility; perhaps the architectural embodiment of the man for which it is named and who finds his final resting place on its grounds; abolitionist John Brown.

I can tell you about your hosts:

There are some people whose generosity of spirit and warmth of hospitality ensure they will have friends immediately wherever they may go. They are the people that make you feel toasty and warm on the very coldest of days, whether you've known them for five minutes or five years. They invite you into their home with a smile and a cup of cocoa and suddenly almost instantly your fingers, your toes and the tips of your ears, which had been noticeably and unpleasantly cold and stiff, are awash in a warm reminder that home is where the heart is and you carry it with you. Such a home can be found this winter when George Weidle and Melissa Monty-Provost of Country Dreams Farm open their winter office at John Brown's Farm.

I can tell you the facts:

You are greeted by Melissa, her larger than life personality belying her just barely five-foot frame, and hurried into the cozy tiny house to warm your fingers at the wood stove. If you're waiting for the sleigh to return perhaps you'll sip a cup of cocoa and nibble a cookie or prepare a stick for marshmallow roasting or stay inside with the lady of the tiny house chatting away like old friends (whether you are old friends or new). Before you know it, you'll hear the jingle jangle of sleigh bells and the hoot and laughter of its passengers on their first or fortieth sleigh ride. And if you're looking you'll see the magnificent team of two Belgian draft horses pulling the sleigh as though it were a bag of feathers.

But I can't tell you about the sleigh ride.

Not in any way that rings of truth. Because the truth of it is that the sleigh ride through John Brown Farm with Adirondack Sleigh Rides is my moment of pure joy and words haven't been made that would do it justice. What I can say is if you wish to make memories that will last a lifetime when you visit the Adirondacks this winter, make sure a sleigh ride is on your agenda. Offering three unique experiences tailored to your next Adirondack experience and located under three miles from John Brown's Farm, High Peaks Resort is your perfect basecamp for Adirondack adventures.

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