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High Peaks Resort: People Friendly, Pet Friendly

High Peaks Resort is pleased to welcome you and your pets to the Adirondacks! We're one of the few pet-friendly hotels in Lake Placid. Our three hotel experiences offer dog-friendly rooms with easy outdoor access. High Peaks Resort is a great place to bring your pets—just ask one of our recent guests.

High Peaks Resort is a pet-friendly hotel
Chocolate lab enjoying fireplace in pet-friendly hotel Lake House

We know you love your animals—and so do we.

Dear Fido,

I'm on the best vacation ever with my humans.

We're staying at High Peaks Resort in Lake Placid. My dream vacation started the minute we checked in—I got special dog treats, biscuits, and a spiffy bandana! The rooms were perfect, with a luscious dog bed just for me, and a mat and bowls for food and water. And the walks! Every morning, we step right out of our Waterfront Collection room for a walk around Mirror Lake. We've gone on some great Adirondack hikes. I felt so free, running up the mountains and sniffing out some interesting scents—believe me, it smells nothing like the 'burbs here.

You know how hotels have pet policies? Well, the rules at High Peaks Resort are so not a big deal. Just make sure your humans are paying attention. Plus, it only cost $25 a day for me to come on vacation. And the humans said a portion of the pet fee goes to the Joshua Fund, which helps other dogs find homes. I hope those dogs find good people who give them lots of belly rubs. I'm getting so many belly rubs on vacation. And so many treats... I. Can't. Even. High Peaks Resort is dog paradise. You should convince your humans to come here too!


Calling All Canines!

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