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Brown Cailín

With Saint Patrick's Day right around the corner, we wanted to pay our respects to Ireland by taking inspiration from the beloved tradition of Irish storytelling in one of its most popular forms. This year, the cocktails at Dancing Bears Restaurant are inspired by Irish traditional song and music. So make yourself a tasty beverage, sit back and enjoy a few of our favorite songs by some of our favorite artists.


The girl with the nut-brown hair is not just the Star of the County Down, she's the star of our cocktail the Brown Cailín!

An Irish ballad about love-at-first-sight, The Star of the County Down has been recorded by folk bands like the Irish Rovers, family musical groups like the von Trapp Singers (yes, those von Trapps) and mainstream artists like the High Kings and Lorena McKennitt and as with most folk songs, wording often varies by the singer. In some versions, Rosie McCann is called sweet cailín and in others, she is called fair cailín; we took our inspiration for the Brown Cailín from one of the best-known versions of Star of the County Down, by Van Morrison & the Chieftains.

As with its inspiration, this cocktail is sure to make you smile. The brightness of the Champagne is a delightful addition to bitter and sweet earthy-ness of the stout making this a tasty cocktail that will tickle your nose for sure!

That's Neat! Cailín is the Irish word for "girl". If you're wondering why it sounds just like the name Colleen you would be on to something! The name Colleen comes from the word cailín.


Guinness Irish Stout
Champagne or Sparkling White Wine


  1. Fill half a champagne glass with Guinness Irish Stout.
  2. Fill remainder of the champagne glass with your Champagne or sparkling white wine.
  3. Special Note: Be very careful and very slow when pouring your Champagne or sparkling white wine as there will be bubbling!

Created by Jamielynn Brydalski
Couple over looking mirror lake in the great room at the lake house
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Sunset through a set of wide bay windows
Sunset through a set of wide bay windows