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The Den

Established in the fine tradition of hibernation, The Den is High Peaks Resort's coziest place to grab a bite to eat, sip a cocktail, and relax with friends.

People chatting, a man reading, and a bartender making a drink in The Den
A wood burning fire being stoked in The Den at High Peaks Resort
People relaxing in The Den at High Peaks Resort
Adult and child relaxing on a couch in The Den

Year-round, our Den provides a quiet and comfortable spot to relax and reflect. Deep couches, armchairs, and a roaring fire in our double hearth natural stone fireplace provide mountain resort ambiance and the full-service bar a few steps away makes ordering a cocktail or locally made pint easy and wait-free. The Den's menu offers big and little plates for hoarding or sharing.
Gather together with friends and family for a few moments of relaxation before heading downstairs to the Dancing Bears Restaurant or next door to Lake House to play a board game with friends.

Art & Cocktails

In partnership with Lake Placid Center for the Arts and Gallery 46, High Peaks Resort is proud to show a seasonally changing selection of artwork inspired by the Adirondack Mountains.