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The Den

Established in the fine tradition of hibernation, The Den is High Peaks Resort's coziest place to grab a bite to eat, sip a cocktail, and relax with friends.

Friends chatting in The Den. Bartender making a cocktail. Man reads a newspaper.
A wood burning fire being stoked in The Den at High Peaks Resort
Guest of High Peaks Resort relaxing in The Den
Mother and child relaxing on a couch in The Den

Year-round, our Den provides a quiet and comfortable spot to relax and reflect. Deep couches, armchairs, and a roaring fire in our double hearth natural stone fireplace provide mountain resort ambiance and the full-service bar a few steps away makes ordering a cocktail or locally made pint easy and wait-free. The Den's menu offers big and little plates for hoarding or sharing.
Gather together with friends and family for a few moments of relaxation before heading downstairs to the Dancing Bears Restaurant or next door to Lake House to play a board game with friends.

Art & Cocktails

In partnership with Lake Placid Center for the Arts and Gallery 46, High Peaks Resort is proud to show a seasonally changing selection of artwork inspired by the Adirondack Mountains. 

High Peaks Resort is thrilled to welcome artist and four-time IRONMAN Lake Placid triathlete Joanne Orce. Join us Friday, July 26 from 5PM to 7PM for an evening of art and cocktails with the artist.

About Joanne Orce

"I take time and care to stretch my own canvases and prepare the grounds, much like the old masters used to. In so doing, the surface develops its own unique character before a paint stroke is applied. My paintings move continuously between realism and imagination. They move between drawing and a loose application of paint. I love watching the oil paint glide across the surface and let the drips and drops take on a life of their own. My 'mistakes' become solutions, eventually, or sometimes. Most of my paintings have an organic and delicate feel."

Joanne Orce