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Emergency & Security

Emergency Dispatch: 9 + 911

Fire Emergency

Please note the emergency exits on the map on the inside of your room door. Always use the stairs, not the elevator. In general, stairways are adjacent to the elevators and/or at each end of the room corridors. Exits are on the first, third and fourth floor.

Safety and Security

Valuables and Cash

We provide safe deposit boxes for your valuables free of charge; if you would like any assistance with using the safe deposit box, please dial "Service at Its Peak". We urge you to use this service and deposit valuables such as jewelry, money, traveler's checks, etc. as the hotel is not responsible for items left in your room. Never leave items of value in your room unattended even for a short period of time.

Safety at Your Door

Your guest room is equipped with additional locking devices that are recommended for use whenever you are in your room. Never automatically open your door. Make sure you know your caller's identity. If someone claims he/she is a hotel employee, call "Service at Its Peak" to verify.


Smoking Policy

High Peaks Resort is a non-smoking facility. Smoking is not permitted in our guest rooms, public spaces or restaurants. Guests found to have been smoking in their rooms, on balconies or patios will be charged a $250 refreshing fee.

Dog Policy

High Peaks Resort is a "dog friendly" property and wishes to extend the privilege of bringing your dog to our resort with you. As a special treat for your best friend, we're delighted to extend to them a special amenity program to make Lake House even more like home with a bandana, mat, bed, and bowl; the bandana is yours to take as a special memento of your dog's visit! We must ask your cooperation in abiding by our pet policy which is available at www.highpeaksresort.com or at the front desk. Five percent of your dog fee will be donated to The Joshua Fund – a Lake Placid dog rescue helping to place dogs from high kill shelters in forever homes. Dogs are not permitted in our restaurants, pool enclosures, or on our pet-free floors; 2 and 5. Our dog-friendly floors in the resort are 1, 3, and 4. Please clean up after your pet.