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What to Do on an Epic Autumn Adventure

Despite sunkissed summer days and temperatures perfect for outdoor adventures, autumn always arrives; and we're only too happy to break out the leg warmers, the kneehigh boots, and the giant coffee mugs and throw ourselves completely into what many Adirondack locals consider the most wonderful time of the year. 

What to See This Fall

Fall in the Adirondack Mountains is all about the view. Watching the colors turn is an almost theatrical experience, and different every year. It starts with subtle yellows and oranges, maples leaves take on a green and red ombre. Crimson and purple soon follow, rounding out the painting and almost inevitably just when you think you’ve seen the color at its peak, nature begins the spectacular finale. It is an amazing display and what’s better - we can see the show from anywhere in the Adirondacks. Here are a few of our favorite spots.

From the Water

There may be no better view of our autumn leaf color than from your superior view guest room, but for an incredible panorama, head down to our waterfront lawn and take a pedal boat or kayak out on Mirror Lake.

From the Land

Sure, you can step out on your balcony and take in the view, but there are six-million acres of autumn leaf color to see. One unique way to see it is at Experience Outdoors. From your perch in the trees of Scott’s Cobble Mountain, the sky and mountains open up to take your breath away. Your trip down the mountain is just as exhilarating; six zip lines, one suspension bridge, two rappels.

From the Air

Fly hundreds of feet above Mount Marcy and take in a panorama of fall foliage from the seat of Adirondack Scenic Flight’s yellow Cessna 172. Fly by Adirondack landmarks like the 1980 Olympic ski-jumps and the start of the Hudson River, Lake Tear of the Clouds, and observe the evolution of our mountains through geological activity so massive it can only be seen from the air.


What to Do this Fall

Autumn adventures can be as big as the view from the top of Whiteface Mountain or as cozy and intimate as a book, a cup of cocoa, and a wood-burning fire. For many, the cooler temperatures make hiking in the Adirondacks less intimidating than at the height of summer and off the mountain, the warm and inviting atmosphere of the season follows you wherever you go.


In early autumn, temperatures cool to a perfect average of 70° and leaves have yet to fall, making it the perfect time to get out hiking in the Adirondacks. If you’re looking for a great hike and picnic area, head up Cobble Hill, just a short walk from our property. It takes about an hour to reach the summit where you can enjoy a comfortable lunch with gorgeous views of the Adirondack Mountains. (Be sure to leave no trace from your lunch, so other hikers can enjoy the same hike!)

Apple & Pumpkin Picking

Nothing tastes as good as fresh (except maybe chocolate) and you can't find the freshest produce of the season in your local Whole Foods or Stew Leonards. For a taste of autumn that comes straight from nature, pick your own apples and pumpkin! Located 45-minutes from Lake Placid, Bob Rulfs has been providing the Adirondack North Country with freshly picked apples since 1952. Rulfs Orchard has grown considerably since the early days of selling apples out of an apple cart. Now families can spend a day together in the fields picking strawberries (June) and blueberries (July/August)), in the orchard picking apples (September), and in the patch picking pumpkins (October). While you're there, don't forget to pick up a dozen of their apple cider doughnuts!

Corn Maze

What could say autumn more than a scenic drive to the pumpkin patch? Finding your way out of a huge corn maze! The Great Adirondack Corn Maze at Tucker Farms is something of an institution in the Adirondacks and for good reason. You can easily spend all day getting lost and found among the cornstalks; this maze isn't intended to just be solved, this maze is a treasure hunt, too. Whether you're a maze purist that wants to solve it as quick as you can, or you're in it for the adventure and don't care how long it takes, one thing is for sure. You will have a great time!


Sunset through a set of wide bay windows
Sunset through a set of wide bay windows