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Spring into Peak Shape Before Summer

After a season of snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, or schussing down the slopes, hitting the trails looks a lot different in the summer. Here are five easy hikes that will get your heartrate going and get you ready to tackle summer's endless array of adventures in the Adirondacks.

family at the top Baker Mountain

Five Easy Spring Hikes to Get in Shape for Summer

Bloomingdale Bog

This is more of a walk than a hike, but it's one of our favorite Adirondack hikes for families. The relatively flat, open, and straight trail starts in Bloomingdale and ends 10 miles away in Saranac Lake – or you can hike the first section that is 6.5 miles roundtrip. The negligible incline is manageable for all ages, and it's a great trail for bird watching.

  • 12 miles from High Peaks Resort

A small body of water surrounded by trees under blue sky
Afternoon at the Bog

Paul Smiths VIC

The Visitors Interpretive Center at Paul Smiths College is a one-stop shop for spring conditioning. With 3,000 acres to explore, the VIC offers a little bit of everything; from the wheelchair accessible Barnum Brook trail to the rolling terrain of Black Pond or Heron Marsh or the steeper climb of Jenkins Mountain.

  • 22 miles from High Peaks Resort

Trees surrounding a wetland area
Abundant Flora at Paul Smiths College VIC.

Henry's Woods

Just a hop, skip and a jump from High Peaks Resort, the five trails of Henry's Woods offer a wealth of spring conditioning opportunities. Easy to moderate in elevation, the Henry's Woods trail system can be combined in lots of different ways to add elevation, distance or just to keep things interesting. 

  • 2 miles from High Peaks Resort

A trail in the woods
Take a Walk through Henry's Woods

Baker Mountain

Clocking in at under a mile to the summit, Baker Mountain is a great hike when you're ready for a little elevation, but not too much. And the pay off makes it so worth it. At the summit, you'll see the town of Saranac Lake, the Mackenzie Mountain wilderness area and the Adirondack High Peaks in the distance.

  • 9 miles from High Peaks Resort

View of lakes and other mountains from a mountaintop
Sunset on Baker Mountain

Cobble Hill

There are two ways up Cobble Hill, the easy route or the steep route, and both will make you sweat. The steep route, a 0.8-mile scramble up over rough trail and bare rock, is an easy challenge for the experienced hiker while the easier route is a great beginner hike that is less steep, but not effortless. And the fact that you can walk to it from the hotel? What more could you want?

  • 1 mile from High Peaks Resort

man taking in the view from top of Cobble Hill
man taking in the view from top of Cobble Hill


Hiking When Muddy

It's important to remember that if conditions are muddy, trails should be used with extra care (or avoided) so as not to increase erosion. If you encounter a muddy section of trail you should go through it, not around it as continued side-stepping widens the trail.

Couple over looking mirror lake in the great room at the lake house
Our Hotel is Your Lake House

With more than just comfortable, Adirondack lake character, a stay at Lake House puts you one threshold away from everything you want to see in the High Peaks Region.

The Adirondacks are yours. What they mean, how they inspire, is totally up to you.

Sunset through a set of wide bay windows
Sunset through a set of wide bay windows