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Five Picture Perfect Picnic Spots this Fall

A bustling metropolis, 2017. Picture this. A small family closes the trunk on their car for a last-minute getaway in the Adirondack Mountains. The summer and city have been hot and the trip is more of a much-needed exodus than it is a getaway. The drive is scenic, the road is open and the only thing ahead of them exhilarating liberation. The mountains, the lakes, the streams - the High Peaks are their oyster.

When was the last time you experienced something so fully it created memories that could be relived and recited like a history from Golden Girls' matriarch Sophia Petrillo? Whomever and whatever might be included - perhaps your family, perhaps your friends, maybe just yourself - one thing is certain, it did not include Facebook, the internet, text message or any of the modern conveniences that only seem to keep us tethered and turned on to a constant stream of stressors. This autumn, get away from it all - really away. Stow your phone for emergencies only, breathe in the fresh mountain air and create memories that will last a lifetime. And start with a picnic.

The best picnic spots are all about the experience you're looking for. Do you want easy access? Do you want privacy? Do you want a place for the kids to run around? Is it all about the view? The Adirondacks have plenty of great places to enjoy a bite to eat in a spectacular atmosphere and below are a few locations where the only access price is that you leave no trace.

The Lake House Lawn

If you're looking for a picnic spot that has everything - wide open spaces and room to play in, a beautiful view of the Adirondack Mountains, and a stone's throw from Main Street. Picnicking on Lake House lawn means you don't need to go very far to have it all!

Lake House and lawn with picnic tables and fire pit.
Lake House Lawn

John Brown's Farm State Historic Site

Spring, summer, and fall - John Brown's Farm is as close to the perfect picnic spot as you can get. Located five minutes outside of town, the site is both easy to get to and doesn't see near the foot traffic as more popular locations in town. The grounds boast walking trails, picnic tables aplenty, lots of room for young family members to run and play in, Adirondack chairs for couples to sit and take it all in, spectacular views from almost any angle, and as the home and burial site of famed abolitionist John Brown a provenance more Olympic size than the ski jumps that make a spectacular addition to the skyline. Before leaving we highly recommend touring the farm and gravesite, admission is $2 for adults, $1 for students, seniors and groups and children under 12 are free.

John Brown's Farm Picnic Area
John Brown's Farm Picnic Area

Lake Stevens Toll House Picnic Area

Tucked away behind the Whiteface Mountain Veterans Memorial Highway toll house, the Lake Stevens picnic area is all charm. While the mountain itself boasts many picnic areas, this one comes without the cost of admission and it's a little off the beaten path, is a bit quieter and more secluded - the perfect spot for a quiet lunch surrounded by lush foliage! While you're there go for a drive up the mountain - admission is included in Olympic passports (be sure to check the Whiteface Mountain website for seasonal status updates).

Lake Stevens Toll House Picnic
Lake Stevens Toll House Picnic

Cascade Picnic Area

When you're first plotting your trip from downstate to the Adirondacks, looking at the drive might seem daunting, but once you get on the road and realize just how scenic your drive is, it becomes a far more enjoyable prospect. After over a decade of guest service experience, I've never encountered a visitor to our little village that wouldn't do the drive again. I, myself, pull over to the side of the road for photo opportunities, despite knowing our valleys and mountains by rote. One of those spots is the magnificent Cascade Lakes. Route 73 skirts along the lake, opening up to magnificent vistas that are at once sweeping and cozy. If you're looking for a picnic spot that is both epic and intimate, look no further.

Two chairs sitting next to cascade lake in the Cascade picnic area.
Cascade Picnic Area

Sugar House Creamery

If you are looking for something a bit more unique, consider stopping by Sugar House Creamery. Featured prominently on Dancing Bears Restaurant's menu for National Apple Month, Sugar House Creamery's Dutch Knuckle has become a bit of regional ambrosia. When the creamery is open to the public (Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM) guests to the farm are encouraged to tour the creamery, browse the selection of local products at the farm store (cheese, pickles, jams, scones, muffins, yogurt make are a super tasty way to incorporate regional flavors into your lunch) and enjoy the picnic tables on site. The place even comes with its own musical accompaniment; mooing from its herd of Brown Swiss heifers.

Sugar House Creamery
Sugar House Creamery

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