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How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel

Naval Admiral William McRaven once said if you want to change the world, start by making your bed. That is something we know a lot about! There is nothing more important than sleep to help you gear up for a great day so we want to share our method of making a bed and encourage you to change the world. And because it's time for spring cleaning we're giving you extra details, tips, and tricks!

We employ the triple sheet method of making a bed. If you've ever struggled with putting a duvet cover on a bed you know how difficult and time-consuming it can be! By enveloping the duvet in crisp, clean sheets and tucking tight hotel corners we can ensure an experience for our guests that is both hygienic and indulgent and we can get you in your room in the timeliest possible manner.

And it's not just hotel guests that benefit from this genius housekeeping hack. If you're a parent, you know how constant the laundry battle can be; a bed linen load alone can be a daily occurrence! Instead of purchasing duvet covers in bulk or fighting the laundry monster every day (duvet covers often require their own load) consider employing the triple sheet method in your own home and when you get a hankering for someone else to fold those hotel corners consider our hotel your Lake House.

How can you make your bed like a hotel? Sam from the Lake House housekeeping team shows you how it's done below!

How to Make Your Bed Like a Hotel


Special Note: As a hotel, our team puts a priority on hygiene, followed closely by comfort and aesthetic, so we opt for items that can be cleaned thoroughly. In your own home, however, feel free to opt for fun patterns and materials that suit your preferences!

Proper Bed Making Materials

  • 1 Mattress Cover (optional in your home, but strongly recommended)
  • 1 Fitted Sheet
  • 1 Duvet 
  • 2 Flat Sheets

How to Make a Bed Like a Hotel

  1. Start with a good foundation. While technically this is optional, mattress covers will help extend the life of your mattress and keep them clean so we recommend some kind of mattress protection. If you like a soft, sumptuous mattress cover opt for one that has a pillowtop component. So cozy!
  2. Starting at a corner closer to your headboard or wall, pull your fitted sheet over each corner of your bed. This is your bottom sheet. Give it a quick walk around and look to make sure everything is taut.
  3. Lay your first flat sheet over your bed and line it up with your wall. This is your middle sheet. Make sure your sheet is even on both sides (this is the same for your duvet and top sheet).
  4. Lay your duvet next, six to eight inches from your headboard or wall. Fold the fabric from your bottom sheet over the duvet on both sides.
  5. Lay your second flat sheet over your duvet and line it up with your wall. This is your top sheet. Fold the fabric from your top sheet under your duvet on both sides.
  6. Standing at the foot of your bed and off to the side, lift your mattress (carefully and with your legs!) and sweep all three layers under your mattress. Pivot to the front and bottom of your mattress to tuck your hospital corners.
  7. Lift the hanging sheets and duvet up to the side, in line with the top corner of the bed. Simultaneously smooth the sheets to the bed and pull the portion of sheets you've lifted forward so it lines up with the front edge of the bed.
  8. Lift the mattress again and sweep everything under your bed.
  9. Return to the head of your bed and smoothly tuck your sheets under your mattress. Neaten any spots that look slack as you move around to the other side of your bed.
  10. Repeat steps six through nine on this side.
  11. Dress your pillows, tucking additional fabric inside the case and to one side of the pillow creating an envelope. Stand them upright against your headboard.
  12. Add some visual interest to the foot of your bed with a cozy wool or chenille throw and make any final tweaks.
  13. Take a deep breath, enjoy your well-made bed, and change your world.

Once you master triple sheeting you can add additional folds and touches that personalize your bed like folding the top sheet under your duvet and your middle sheet over and then folding everything over once.

Pro Tips: Hack Your Bed, Lake House Style

Has this ever happened to you? You are in your groove, making your bed, you get one corner on you start walking to your next corner and you have to struggle to get it on, and then you next to your next corner and there is way too much sheet. Or you're laying your flat sheet is super high on one side of your bed and super long on the other. The easier making your bed is the more likely you'll do it every day. Here are a few tips from our team that will help you develop this great habit!

What is the right way to put on a fitted sheet?

The tag, if your sheet has one, should always go in the bottom right corner of your bed (if you're facing your bed, not sleeping in it).

  • Start at the top right corner of your bed (if you are facing it). Look for the tag in your fitted sheet and put that in your left hand. The sheet corner to the right is now lined up with the correct corner of your bed.
  • It's good to rotate your sheets to prevent wear, so every other week slide your sheet two corners to the left so it's in the top left-hand corner if you're facing your bed.

An even easier way to tell is to buy striped sheets. Once you know which way they run (typically from head to foot) you'll never get halfway through and realize you have to start all over again.

  • Even if you have a very clean aesthetic and don't like a busy or colorful pattern, you can often find sheets that have stripes of the same color but different weaving patterns for a very clean, unobtrusive stripe.
  • The extra benefit of this is that you won't even need to think about rotating your sheets. By not paying attention to it you'll probably do that without even thinking!

How can I lay my flat sheet without having to spend too much time making sure they are even?

While there are a variety of sheet sizes to match the variety of bed sizes, they follow certain patterns to meet the characteristics of your bed (for example, extra deep pocket sheets or California king sheets - you'll always need to buy these kinds of sheets while you have that kind of bed). Buy the right size sheets and pay attention to how you make your bed the first time and you'll never have trouble again.

  • When folding your sheets, fold in half lengthwise. When you store your sheets, the weight will put a nice crease at that center point and make it really easy to center it on your bed.
  • Once you have that crease centered the first time, take a look at the sides of your bed and see what kind of markers there are. Does the sheet just hit the bottom of your box spring or mattress foundation? Is it two inches below that? Higher? Starting at the head of your bed will let you line your sheet up with your wall easily and knowing where the edge of your sheet will rest will keep you from walking back and forth around your bed.
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