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Meetings and Retreats that Inspire

Your organization isn't ordinary. Your team isn't ordinary. Your customers aren't ordinary. So why are your meetings ordinary?

Published: 09/05/2018

We've all been there, in that room.

It seemed nice when you walked in. The hall was roomy and airy, the A/C has a nice brisk "conditioned" feel to it. There were coffee and beverages in the corner and pastries next to that.  It didn't feel cramped. The people sitting at your table seemed nice. You said to yourself, "I can spend a day in here." But before lunch was rolled in, your bottle wrapper has been peeled from your bottle and you've folded it into dozens of little squares, the air that was once so nicely conditioned hasn't moved except for when your neighbor let out a big sigh, and Rick Astley's 'Never Gonna Give You Up' has been on repeat in your head for at least 30 minutes. 

When was the last time you left a conference as excited about the material than when you went in? When was the last time you left a meeting with a strategy or sense of accomplishment? When was the last time you felt fully engaged with what you learned or discussed?

A person crossing cable bridge between trees
Take team building to new heights.

What if building bridges was as exciting as crossing them?

The Adirondack Outdoors zipline adventure course requires trust, communication, problem-solving, goal setting, mutual understanding - all are qualities that couldn't be more important or more problematic to human nature. Bring your team together at Experience Outdoors adventure course and encourage each member to support each other and reach for the stars together. 

What if your corporate event was 120 meters in the air?

Imagine being whisked up a mountain by a gondola to a networking reception at the top of a mountain with 360 views of the Adirondacks. Or a lunch meeting on a pontoon boat in the middle of a lake before spending an afternoon pike fishing? What if your meeting involved making s'mores around a roaring campfire? What if your company's awards dinner was at the top of a120-meter Olympic ski jump? The Adirondacks High Peaks are full of breathtaking locations that are the perfect backdrop for your unforgettable event.

Lake Placid ski jumps
Host a reception or networking event at the 120 meter ski jump.

What if your managers approached pressure like a Forest Ranger?

Whether you have a new or established business, a cohesive team of dynamic, trusted leaders is essential to creating a great company culture. In the Adirondack wilderness, the importance of responsible leadership is brought into exhilarating and stark focus. With a team of wilderness professionals, design a leadership workshop that promotes and refines critical thinking, decision making, planning, and execution in a spectacular environment.

What if you could apply the keys to Olympic team success to your own team?

Your company has the dedication but what about the communication? Nothing breaks down barriers or opens up lines of communication like a curling match. Does it look silly? Sure does. But before you know it your team will be forgetting all about looking distinguished. It's a low impact sport that absolutely requires communication and teamwork and only when your team is communicating effectively and working in tandem will they find success. Talk about an ice breaker!

Curlers on the ice
Curling is a great way to get active but an even better way to learn how to communicate.

What if your summit was as profound as it was informative?

We are all electronically tethered to the world and for all of the improvements technology has made in our everyday lives, it has also allowed us to forget the calming peace of nature. Using mindfulness and communication exercises, the guides at Adirondack Riverwalking are able to emphasize the benefits of being in nature in a profound way, or bring the insight to them with on-site group yoga or sound bathing breakout classes.

What if you could invite your colleagues to their own private Lake House?

You see your colleagues more than you see your friends. Why not take over Lake House as a private vacation rental? Huddle around board games, read books, play poker with monopoly money, get to know each other as people.

At High Peaks Resort, we know how important it is for your attendees to get as much out of a conference or meeting as you're putting in. We know people feel more alert when you let nature and natural light in.  We know how much a change of scenery or a change of space can impact the retention of material, and how mental whitespace can allow it to be digested. We know that it's easier to engage in something when you participate and that ideas flow better around a campfire. Host your next event at High Peaks Resort and our team of account managers and event coordinators will work with you to ensure your event is a reflection of the extraordinary; a celebration of your company's culture.