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A Little Bit of Ironmagic in Lake Placid

One day or 365, Lake Placid inspires. One of the most inspirational events on our calendar is Ironman Sunday, a legendary triathlon encompassing a 2.4-mile swim, an 112-mile bike ride, and a 26.2-mile run.

Published: 07/24/2017

Hold on to your boots, because I'm going to rock your world...

I... am not really all that athletic.

I know, after my high-heeled fishing adventure and High Falls Gorge hike, you're shocked, but I assure you, it's true; on a good day ten minutes with Tony Horton is about all I'm up for and even the idea of that some days takes a little warming up to. Chances are, you've experienced the same activity ennui. It wasn't always that way. Over the course of five years, I went from nearly 300 pounds to a healthy buck-fifty-six at my lowest weight. For the most part, I haven't gone back, but I've definitely noticed that I haven't been as enthusiastic about working out as I once was.

Truth be told, I could use a little inspiration.

I am lucky enough to live in Lake Placid, a community that has, pretty much, devoted itself to inspiration and motivation since it was first settled. From its role in the US Civil War, to the Depression Era creation of the Whiteface Veterans Memorial Highway, to the 1980 Miracle on Ice, Lake Placid has hosted some of the most incredible demonstrations of humanity, engineering, and determination. In a village like Lake Placid, Ironman is kind of like our inspirational New Year's Eve.

One Sunday every July, we host unsung superheroes; indomitable men and women who have come together to accomplish the incredible, and by inviting us to join them, we witness their willpower and a little bit of their magic rubs off on all of us. It starts with a 2.4-mile swim inspired by the Waikiki Roughwater Swim. The swim is followed by a 112-mile bike ride through the mountains and then if that were not enough, the bike ride brings participants back to the Olympic Oval where they begin a 26.2-mile run. The race is brutal, but the participants are incredible. Some do it to prove to themselves they have overcome an obstacle, some do it to inspire the world, some do it for the love of family, some do it in support of causes important to the participant and regardless of their initial reason for entry, all show the world that there is no limit to the human spirit.

If you need a little inspiration and a little motivation, grab a box of tissues and check out these stories from Ironman Lake Placid and believe me when I say there is nothing like being at an Ironman race in person. For one electrifying day, we are conduits for the greatness of the human spirit and carry that with us through the rest of the year. I'm going to be completely honest with you, I'm probably not going to be running an Ironman race next year, but I can push myself to do better, maybe this year I'll spend 15 minutes a day with Tony Horton.

Lake Placid Ironman Inspired

Ironman biker on cascade road smiling
IRONMAN Lake Placid

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