Aerial view of Lake Placid ski jumps on a sunny day near  High Peaks Resort

Host Your Sports Team at High Peaks Resort

Elevate Your Game in the Heart of the Adirondacks

Host your team at High Peaks Resort, where the spirit of Lake Placid invigorates every aspect of your stay, especially when it comes to hosting your sports team. With our prime location on Main Street, Lake Placid, breathtaking views of Mirror Lake and the Adirondack Mountains, and a legacy of athletic excellence, we're not just a destination; we're a launching pad for your team's next victory.

Services Tailored for Teams

  • From strategy sessions to video analyses, our adaptable meeting spaces are equipped with audio/visual equipment to facilitate your team's preparation.
  • Work with our culinary team to create menus tailored to your athletes' nutritional needs, ensuring peak performance.
  • Access to our fitness center and pools helps your team unwind and recover, keeping muscles relaxed and minds focused.
  • Bond over bespoke team-building activities in the great outdoors, from hiking adventures to kayak races on Mirror Lake.

Your Perfect Team

  • Proximity to Sporting Venues: Located in the heart of Lake Placid, our resort is close to numerous sporting venues, making it easy to get to practices, games, and events.
  • Experienced in Hosting Athletes: With a history of hosting athletes, we understand the nuances of sports team accommodations and logistics.
  • Scenic Inspiration: The breathtaking scenery and fresh mountain air inspire performance, resilience, and team spirit.

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