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Our Hotel is Your Lake House

To live on the lake is to feel the water's effect on the air, on the environment, on the breeze. When you're in your lake house, the water is an old friend, whose presence is calming, relaxing, inspiring, Your lake house is warm, comforting, symbiotic with the shoreline. It affords broad views and complements the water's edge.

Here, you gather, share, laugh, relax.
Here, you re-acquaint, rejuvenate.
Here is your lake house.

Available at:
The Lake House

Your Stay Includes

  • Access to two indoor pools
  • High-speed complimentary wi-fi
  • Welcoming refreshment upon check-in
  • Complimentary beverages, morning and afternoon

Complimentary Seasonal Amenities

  • Complimentary snowshoe rental (subject to availability)
  • Complimentary watercraft on Mirror Lake
  • Access to two outdoor pools
Sunset through a set of wide bay windows
Sunset through a set of wide bay windows