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Resort Policies & FAQs

Please review this information prior to your arrival. 

When is Check-in Time at High Peaks Resort?

Check-in time is at 4 PM

Early arrivals are subject to availability. Guests who wish to arrive early should contact the Front Desk on the morning of their scheduled arrival date to see if early check-in is possible.

When is Check-Out Time at High Peaks Resort?

Check-out time is at 11:00 AM

Late check-outs are subject to availability and should be cleared with the Front Desk either during arrival or on the morning of the departure date. Check-out after 1 p.m. results in a fee of half of that night's room rate. Check-out after 2 p.m. results in a fee of that night's full room rate. Guests who stayed at High Peaks Resort or the Waterfront Collection should check out at the High Peaks Resort Front Desk. Guests who stayed at the Lake House should check out at the Lake House.

How Can I Cancel My High Peaks Resort Reservation?

We require guests who wish to cancel or shorten their stays to do so at least 7 days prior to their scheduled arrival. If guests cancel their reservations less than 7 days before their scheduled arrival, they will be charged for the first night. Guests who do not check in prior to midnight on the day of arrival and fail to contact the hotel prior are considered no-shows and will be charged for the entire length of their stay.

If guests who have prepaid using our BEST DATES BEST RATES, SEASON and IRON3/4 rate codes cancel their reservations, they will forfeit their entire payment and will not receive a refund.

Group reservations are also subject to the cancellation policy outlined in the group's contract with the hotel.

We encourage guests to read their confirmation emails for details on their reservation's specific cancellation policy.

Resort Parking

High Peaks Resort provides convenient parking space for all of its guests at each of its three properties. Guests are encouraged to check-in before unloading their car and to request assistance with their luggage for the most effortless experience possible. At check-in, High Peaks Resort provides guests with a parking permit and guests are requested to keep this visible near their car windshield at all times. In the event of limited parking at the Waterfront Collection,  guests can avoid parking on the street and instead park in our main parking lot or in our Lake House parking lot.

Guests are welcome to take advantage of our generous parking areas before they check-in, if they arrive early and after they depart their room on check-out if they would like to enjoy Lake Placid into the afternoon.

What are the Age Restrictions for Booking a Room?

Guests must be at least 18 years old to reserve and check into a room and must have a valid credit card issued in their name.

What Types of Payment are Accepted?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. We do not accept personal checks, though we will accept business checks for reservations made through a group block. We do not accept purchase orders, vouchers, or Canadian dollars as payment for rooms.

Smoking Policy

High Peaks Resort is a non-smoking property. Guests are not allowed to smoke on the balconies or patios of their rooms. We have several designated smoking areas: in the circle outside the Main Lobby and in the parking lots. Guests will be charged $250 if the smell of smoke is present in their room.

Shipping & Handling

High Peaks Resort and Lake House are happy to receive shipments for you during your stay. Shipments will be received by the hotel no sooner than 3 days prior to your arrival or the start of your function. A nominal handling fee of $5 per box, up to 60 lbs ensures delivery of your package to your preferred location. Any shipments arriving sooner than 3 days prior to your arrival or function will be subject to a storage fee of $5 per box, per day.

When shipping your packages, please include the name of the guest as it appears on the reservation as well as the date of your arrival. If you are here with a conference or meeting, please also include the name of your Conference Services Manager so that they are aware that we are in receipt of your package.

You will be responsible for shipment to and from the hotel of any event related materials. Any parcels or items left 3 days after your departure or function will be destroyed.

Note, that we will not accept shipments of any hazardous materials or items.

High Peaks Resort Pet Policies

High Peaks Resort allows guests to bring their pets. The pet policy is listed in full on the pet agreement. The dog fee is $25 per dog, plus tax, per night. Pets are not allowed on the 2nd and 5th floors of the Resort, the Alpine level of the Lake House, or the top floor of the Waterfront Collection.

Dog owners who do not clean up after their dogs will be charged a pet cleaning fee (minimum $250). Housekeeping will not clean a room if a dog is present. If a guest who has brought a dog with them wishes to have their room cleaned, they should let the front desk know when the room will be empty. If an unattended dog is barking and disturbing other guests, the owner will be called and asked to immediately return to the hotel.

High Peaks Resort Map

View the map of High Peaks Resort and the Lake House.