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A Sirius-ly Good Time to Visit

This year, during the dog days of summer, we are thrilled to announce the new ways we're making your best friends feel even more at home when they are visiting Lake Placid with you.

Published: 07/14/2016

Have you ever noticed the ads along the side of your Facebook page, the ones that say "Housewife finds miracle weightloss product in her pantry and personal trainers everywhere are terrified!" The ads that have been cleverly titled Click Bait? I'm not a huge fan. I avoid the stuff like I avoid hornets nests (with screaming, arm-flailing and something that can only be described as long distance prancing). But you know what I do regularly get sucked in to? Wikipedia. I know the complete history of the Tudor Dynasty, I know that the movie Tombstone has arguably the best lines out of any movie and can be quoted at almost any occasion and I know that the first unified form of currency of China was the banliang, a circular coin with a square hole in the center (similar to a New York City subway token - remember those?) and it took this shape because it could be put on a string and transported very easily; all because I am easily distracted for hours at a time charming and insatiably curious. Suffice it to say that if you need someone in your bar trivia team, I'm your huckleberry. So when Matthew, our General Manager, recently mentioned that the "dog days of summer" originated with the ancient Romans; well, that was a coincidence too good to pass up (I'll get to that is just a moment).

"Chinaberry Tree with Starry Background" by Neal Simpson is licensed under CC BY-ND 4.0

It all started with the Canis Major constellation (to be fair and accurate, that is probably not where it started, but that is where I'm going to start). The "Great Dog" constellation is made up of eight major stars and 32 smaller stars, the brightest of which being Sirius, Orion's dog (also the brightest star in the sky behind our sun). For the ancient Romans, the hottest days of the year generally fell during the conjunction of the sun and Sirius, when the two stars would rise and fall together, and it was believed that Sirius was providing additional heat during an already warm season. While we still consider the dog days of summer to be the hottest days, this doesn't actually have anything to do with the combination of stars in the daytime sky or any effect the temperature may be having on our furriest friends. Instead, this is actually because the northern hemisphere tilts towards the sun more directly during the summer, allowing for more direct sunlight and for longer which means longer, hotter days. In the southern hemisphere, the dog days of summer are observed January through March! During antiquity, the dog days of summer were typically observed in Rome from July 24 to August 24 but over the millenia these dates have changed with the movement of the stars. These days, the Farmer's Almanac (or what I like to call, my Wardrobe Almanac) traditionally lists this as July 3 to August 11.

In honor of Sirius, we are excited to announce our newest pet-friendly hotel amenities, designed with man's oldest and most legendary of best friends in mind. Now, High Peaks Resort's VIPaws will receive a bandanna and treat when they check in and when they get to their room they will be greeted with water and food bowls, dog mat and their very own bed to lounge in (lets be honest, the are still going to lounge on your feet when it comes time to actually go to bed). As always, 5% of your pet fee will be donated to a local non-profit organization that helps pups without humans find their fur-ever homes: The Joshua Fund.

So treat your dog to a Sirius-ly good time at High Peaks Resort this summer!