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The Spirit of Christmas at High Peaks Resort

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

Whatever this time of year means to you, it's no secret - there is a certain magic in the air right about now. The twinkle of lights, the community cheer, the music reminding us at every turn that we are all neighbors. In the spirit of the season, we wanted to take the focus off us and put it on the people that make magic in the Adirondacks - our team. Here's how we're celebrating the holidays at High Peaks Resort and at home.

Published: 12/10/2018

Dogs' Favorite Holiday

My dogs enjoy Christmas just as much as my kids do and just like my kids, I love to watch her unwrap her gifts. Somehow, she knows that if its wrapped in tissue paper and not wrapping paper, that it's for her and they're the only ones she'll unwrap.

- Lisa W.

Your Presence is the Best Present

I look forward to the holidays. Especially since my brothers and sisters and I are all grown up and have families of our own. With busy lives, we hardly get to see each other which makes me miss my family a lot. But I look forward to our family gatherings on the holidays.

Something as simple as the excitement of being around family and some holiday music helps get everyone's minds off everything and focus on gatherings and special food and being cheerful and appreciating each other, not what one can give to the other or receive. The best gift on the holidays is YOU!

This is what the holidays mean to me and I definitely look forward to. Hope everyone has a cheerful, loving and blessed holiday.

- John F.

Park benches sitting under trees strung with lights.
Bright Lights in Long Dark Nights

Different Type of Scenic Drive

Christmas lights and all the outdoor decorations; so cheerful when you are driving around.

- A. M.

Family, Friends, & Food!

I look forward to decorating our home and buying gifts for loved ones and families in need. But above all else, I look forward to spending time with my family and friends and having a huge dinner.

- Alex J.

The Christmas I Always Wanted

Every year throughout my childhood my parents had to work on Christmas. If one got lucky and had the day off, the other worked a double. For my brother and I this meant spending most of Christmas Day either alone or with my grandparents, and in my house, the rule was "No Christmas Food or Gifts until everyone was together". As a kid, it was agonizing!! No Christmas cookies, no presents, no nothing until everyone was home that night. Finally, last year my dad retired. This year, for the first time in my life, my entire family will be together for Christmas. I'm looking forward to early morning Christmas cookies and spending the day with my family. Heck, maybe I'll even wake my parents up early because I never got the chance to as a kid.

- Matt R.

Christmas tree made from dyed newspaper next to leather recliner with throw blanket.
Handmade Christmas

Crafty Christmas Decorations

I love Christmas. I love the smells, the sparkle, the music. Some of my favorite family memories are of Christmas; of smashing my thumb into orbs of cookie dough and slicing apples for pie and separating yolk from white for eggnog, and of picking a tree and trimming it and decorating the stairs and windows, of holding the ladder while my dad hung the lights.

Now that I'm grown, I'm not so formal as all that, in fact, I avoid formality at any cost, but I'm no less devoted to the season of cheer in my own crafty way. This year I made our Christmas tree out of newspaper and chicken fencing. I look like I've been keelhauled, but the feeling of sharing the spirit of the season through something I created with my own hands is so rewarding.
I'm already thinking about how I'm going to handmake Christmas next year... but whatever it is, maybe next year I'll use work gloves.

- Anne R.

Holiday Magic

I love to see the awe and wonder in people's eyes when they see the beautiful magic that the fantastic decorations and presents bring to all for the season.

- Dan B.

The Joy of Gift Giving

Gift giving is really important to me. Not so much the consumerism part of it, but I love the act of giving and receiving something special offered with intent and purpose. I wouldn't call myself superstitious, but really do believe that when a gift is given with genuine love and appreciation it carries that love into the new year. It doesn't have to cost much, it doesn't have to cost anything - it's about giving of yourself with consideration of someone else (and not just mindlessly throwing stuff in a cart). It might just be a kept promise to shovel the driveway every weekend.

And it's a little selfish, too. I love to watch people open gifts, I love to see people's eyes light up when they receive something they didn't even know they wanted or needed. Sometimes they are something I've made myself, sometimes they are purchased. My father, a traditional Irish music player, can no longer hold his button accordion or lift his arms to play his five-key Irish concert flute and for a time it seemed he'd have to give up playing music, the devastating result of a lifetime of construction work. So for Christmas one year I got him an Irish tin whistle. It wasn't expensive, but it was more than just a whistle - in a way it was a time machine, taking him back to before the torn rotator cuffs and hernias and reattached fingers.

- Maire R.

Happy Holidays at High Peaks Resort
From all of us at High Peaks Resort, Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. We look forward to seeing you in 2019!