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Fall Foliage: Nature's Fireworks Display

It's official! We're entering autumn in the Adirondacks, a time that many residents of Lake Placid consider to be their favorite time of year. When the High Peaks are crowned in golds, reds and deep purples contrasted with our northeastern evergreens, this window of beauty might be fleeting, but there are so many ways you can enjoy fall in the Adirondacks during and well past foliage season.

Published: 09/21/2017

Fall Festivals in the Adirondacks

As the origin of the American vacation, your recreation destination since the 1800s, is it any wonder we celebrate nature's showiest time of year? Lake Placid is welcoming fall in a big way over the next three weekends with some awesome fall festivals that will have you throwing on your favorite cozy sweater (or lederhosen) and taking a sip of your favorite fall beverage or craft beer.

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The Adirondack Mountains are the perfect location for amateur adventurers and experienced outdoorsmen alike. When you're exploring our wilderness, remember to do your research and plan your excursion for your skill level. To enhance your experience, consider hiring a reputable hiking guide who comes equipped with a wealth of knowledge on our region and are licensed and insured to make sure your experience is as safe as it is memorable. 

Or enjoy Adirondack featured attractions to make the most of your foliage viewing:

Adirondack Scenic Flights

For those looking to see it all, Adirondacks Scenic Flights takes you up above our spectacular mountain ranges for a very different leaf peeping perspective. Offering three different tours - the High Peaks, the Olympics and the Lakes, you can experience Adirondack fall color, history and geological wonders from 1700'.

Experience ADK Outdoors

You may have experienced the Adirondack Mountains from above the trees, but have you experienced them through the trees? Adirondack ziplining has often been requested, but until recently not available. Experience ADK Outdoors changed all that and is now offering Lake Placid's first zip line adventure tour. Tap into your inner Adirondack Tarzan and swing through the trees for a two-hour adventure you'll never forget.

Ausable Chasm

You might not be getting in the waters of the Ausable River this time of year, but the 'Grand Canyon of the Adirondacks' is something to see whether you're getting your feet wet or not. Whether you are looking for a full day of adventure or just a few hours, a leisurely trail walk or an adrenaline pumping Adirondack obstacle course you are bound to find exactly what you're looking for and more at Ausable Chasm, and incredible photo opportunities to boot.

Harvest Dining at its Best

If you're anything like us, autumn is synonymous with delicious food (and coffee). Whether you're picnicking in the Adirondacks or reaping the rewards of the autumn harvest (in the way of sweet and savory tasty treats) the Adirondacks satisfy, body and soul.

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