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Our hotel amenities will complement your trip with relaxation, adventure, and comfort no matter your vacation agenda - from lounging in the lakeside luxury of our Waterfront Collection, to getting your fix for outdoor adventure across the Adirondacks.

Reach the 'peak' of relaxation at High Peaks Resort. You can explore Lake Placid and the surrounding evergreen forest of the Adirondack Mountains with your own two feet, with a paddle, or on skis; that's the beauty of it, you get to choose what you enjoy most! Or you can opt to stay at the resort and enjoy the amenities we offer including outdoor gear rentals like Norwegian Kicksleds, get in your daily workout at our state-of-the-art fitness center, head to the spa, or lounge around at the courtyard pool on a warm, sunny day or one of our cozy fireplaces on those chilly winter days. High Peaks Resort's amenities make your visit that much better – and since we're a dog-friendly hotel, your four-legged family members can join in a relaxing getaway, too.

Amenities for Rest and Relaxation


  • Recreational Equipment and outdoor activities
  • World-Class Recreation & Activities in Lake Placid and the surrounding areas
  • State-of- the-Art Fitness Center

Other Resort Features

Resort Amenities
Map of High Peaks Resort

A complete map of the Resort, Waterfront Collection, Lake House, pools, and our on-site restaurants.