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Welcome to High Peaks Resort's official blog, where we'll share with you the best places to go and things to do during your stay in the Adirondacks. On top of all of our resort amenities, the Adirondacks are home to six-million-acres of wilderness – we want to help you explore the best of it during your stay at High Peaks Resort. Read below for our latest updates from your trusty crew at The Compass.

Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Sep. 20, 2016
It's nearly autumn in the Adirondacks and people from all over the world flock to the High Peaks Region to take in the beautiful display. You can enjoy the beautiful colors from wherever you are, but for something truly spectacular, hop into Adirondack Scenic Flights's Cessna and enjoy the mountains from over 1,000 feet above. General Manager Matthew Wheeler takes you on a tour of the Adirondacks by air in this special guest spot in the High Peaks Resort Compass.
On the Cusp of Nature's Fireworks
Sep. 15, 2016
It's official - Autumn is on its way. Days and evenings are cooler and we are about to enter what many residents of Lake Placid feel is the best season of the year; a time when the High Peaks are crowned in golds, reds and deep purples contrasted with our north eastern evergreens. This three week window might be fleeting, but there are so many ways you can enjoy the colors!
The Dancing Bears Welcomes Executive Chef Kevin Timm
Aug. 26, 2016
Meet the latest addition to High Peaks Resort and Dancing Bear Restaurant.
Discovering Our History at the Adirondack Museum
Aug. 9, 2016
We are residents from every walk of life, our passions are many and the fabric of our history has thread harvested from all over the world and is woven into the fabric of many, many others. Exploring that history is the Adirondack Museum.
Adirondack Riverwalking
Aug. 1, 2016
My fiancé and I are typical city born millennials; we're not really nature people, we're comic book people, we've seen every episode of Star Trek Next Generation, Deep Space 9 and Voyager, we can quote Frank Herbert's Dune and any film by Jim Henson and I probably know what Silas looks like in my periphery better than straight on. So when the opportunity came around to take part in a bit of an experiment in mindfulness, we didn't really know how much we needed it.


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