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Mom and daughter playing on the lawn at Lake House

Lake House Amenities

Located across the street from High Peaks Resort, every amenity that they have across the way, you have access to during a stay at the Lake House – and then some! Need something in a pinch? One of our hosts will run – quite literally – over to The Resort to grab whatever you need. That's what a stay at the Lake House is all about: making you feel at home in our home.

In addition to our stellar amenities in all of our hotel rooms, the Lake House has perks to make your stay comfy and cozy – and with access to all of High Peaks Resort's amenities, everything you could possibly need is right at your fingertips.

Cross-Hotel Amenities at the Lake House

Splash around in our indoor pool on the Lake House's lower level, conveniently located next to our game room, complete with an air hockey table. Relax and enjoy some good old-fashioned board games or charades in the Great Room situated next to the Bar at the Lake House. Head down to the shores of Mirror Lake to use our outdoor recreation equipment rentals. All of this is right at your disposal during a Lake House vacation.

Whatever you do, know that our amenity game is nothing but on point at the Lake House. At the center of it all? Our cool-as-a-cucumber hosts, who will gladly pour you a glass of wine or beer after you arrive and let you in on all of Lake Placid's secrets, or start up an impromptu game of trivia or other activity of your choice.

Dog Approved and Eco-Friendly

Perhaps two of our biggest perks are our pet-friendly hotel rooms and green guest amenities.

  • We Love Dogs! Every room and space (minus the pool for obvious reasons) at the Lake House welcomes well-behaved pets. And, Lake Placid is a super dog-friendly community! So if bringing your four-legged family members along for your vacation is non-negotiable, put the Lake House at the top of your list for places to stay in Lake Placid. We treat our pet guests just like our human guests... no fur discrimination here.
  • Seeing Green. Protecting the Adirondacks' pristine natural beauty is important to us, so we've instituted a number of eco-friendly options for our guests, including forgoing housekeeping during your stay – emphasis on the optional. If you do choose to participate, you'll receive a $5 voucher to use at the Lake House Bar, or you can be philanthropic and donate it to the Mirror Lake Watershed Institute. The choice is up to you – we're cool with whatever you decide.
Sunset through a set of wide bay windows
Sunset through a set of wide bay windows