Take in the View of Adirondack Fall Foliage

The waterfalls at Ausable Chasm near High Peaks Resort

Photo Credit: Tom Semeraro at Ausable Chasm

Get ready for a world filled with vibrant colors and unforgettable experiences at High Peaks Resort. As the warmth of summer gives way to autumn sweater weather, the Adirondacks burst into a breathtaking display of rich reds, fiery oranges, and golden yellows. Come along on a special journey that lets you experience the heart of fall foliage in a unique and exciting way.

Nature's Masterpiece: Ausable Chasm

Discover the wonders of Ausable Chasm—a place with dramatic cliffs, flowing waterfalls, and a riot of fall colors. Walk along the winding trails, and you'll see nature's artistry against a backdrop of vibrant leaves. Each step offers a fresh perspective, showing off the play of sunlight and shadows on the landscape. And if you're into photography, don't hesitate to ask Tom Semeraro, the Nikon Pro at Ausable Chasm, for tips on capturing the view.

Picnic Amidst Rustic Charm: Jay Covered Bridge

Before you head to Ausable Chasm, take a moment to enjoy a simple picnic at the historic Jay Covered Bridge. It's more than just a bridge—it's a peaceful spot set against colorful foliage and the gentle flow of the Ausable River. Relax, savor a delicious meal, and feel the embrace of the Adirondack Mountains.

Harvest Delights: Keene Valley Farmers Market at Marcy Field

Step into the heart of local charm at the Keene Valley Farmers Market, where fresh produce and handcrafted treasures mirror the beauty of the Adirondacks. It's not just about shopping—it's about connecting. Engage with local artisans and growers, hear their stories, and taste the flavors of fall as you sample the offerings.

A Taste of Tradition: Apple Picking at Rulf's Orchard

Experience the heartwarming tradition of apple picking at Rulf's Orchard. Among apple-laden trees and the vivid colors of fall, immerse yourself in a sensory adventure. Feel the crispness of the apples, soak in the warmth of the sun, and create memories filled with laughter and discovery. Is there any better takeaway than a peck of honey-crisp apples that you've picked yourself?

Maze Adventures: Great Adirondack Corn Maze

Embark on an adventure to the heart of the Great Adirondack Corn Maze, where the journey is as important as the destination. The changing colors of the leaves add a layer of fun to the experience, making each step a joy. Let your inner child guide you through the maze's intricate pathways, and let the changing leaves surprise you along the way.

Walk on the Wild Side: Wild Walk at the Wild Center

Elevate your adventure with a stroll on the Wild Walk at the Wild Center. This treetop trail offers a fresh perspective on fall foliage. Engage your sense of wonder as you experience the magic of nature from a different angle, surrounded by the vibrant colors of the leaves. The Wild Center features many interactive exhibits that celebrate the Adirondacks' rich biodiversity. These exhibits remind you of the delicate balance that keeps the ecosystem thriving.

Soar Above the Colors: Scenic Flight with Adirondack Aviation Academy

Experience fall from a unique perspective during a scenic flight with Adirondack Aviation Academy. Glide above the vibrant tapestry of leaves and feel an unmatched sense of freedom. From this vantage, the landscape takes on new dimensions, and the colors of fall become a mosaic across the mountains. 

Watch the Leaves Turn: Olympic Ski Jumps & Whiteface Mountain Gondola

Take in the fall foliage from the top of the Olympic Ski Jumps or from the Whiteface Mountain gondola. These elevated viewpoints offer a whole new dimension to the Adirondack landscape. As you ascend, the colors of fall come alive in all their splendor. Take a moment to reflect on nature's artistry and appreciate how the season blankets the mountains in vibrant color.

Each activity offers memories that will stay with you long after the leaves have fallen. For an even more immersive experience, turn fall foliage into art at The Peaks Paintbar. Book your Paint, Sip, & Stay fall foliage escape and dive into the magic of this vibrant season.

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