Aqua Aerobics with Marietta Brady

Water Aerobics is a low-impact exercise program performed in a pool, combining cardiovascular movements with resistance training in a buoyant environment. This invigorating workout utilizes the natural resistance of water to strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and boost cardiovascular fitness while minimizing strain on the joints. With a variety of movements such as jogging, kicking, and arm exercises, water aerobics offers a fun and refreshing way to improve overall fitness, burn calories, and enhance overall well-being. Dive in and experience the energizing benefits of water aerobics for a balanced and enjoyable workout.

About Marietta Brady: Marietta Brady, a graduate of San Marcos National University in Lima, Peru, holds a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education. With certifications as a Water Safety Instructor (WSI) and Lifeguard from the American Red Cross, as well as CPR/AED/First Aid training, Marietta has dedicated over 17 years to teaching swimming lessons. Passionate about promoting water safety, she has worked with individuals of all ages, including those with disabilities, emphasizing the importance of basic swimming skills in the Adirondacks community. Outside of her role as a swimming and aquarobics instructor at the Adirondack Health Medical Fitness Center, Marietta enjoys hiking the Adirondack Park and has launched an innovative program called "Spanish For all," incorporating movement, games, and music to teach Spanish.

2384 Saranac Avenue, Lake Placid 12946